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Orientation Week of Class of 2024

After competing and succeeding in the entrance examinations, both written tests and the interview, the first generation of students consisting of 60 students have been enrolled in the class of 2024 in 6 majors offered at CamTech university 1) Robotics and Automation Engineering 2) Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Engineering 3) Cyber Security 4) Architecture 5) Interior Design and 6) Educational Technology. 

At CamTech, we started our new academic year with a delightful and active orientation week from Monday, 14th February to Friday, 18th February 2022. During the orientation, our full-time staff, as well as our distinguished professor and lecturers, discussed CamTech’s Educational Philosophy and Spirit, rules and regulations,the detail of each course offered for the coming term and the facilities and services available for all CamTech students. 

However, to respond to the return of the outbreak of covid-19 in Phnom Penh city, CamTech will start the first week of this new academic year fully virtually to ensure the safety of our students and staff,  as recommended in the safety guidelines from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, the Ministry of Health and the Royal Government of Cambodia.

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