Professional Diploma’s Programs

The Professional Diploma Programs (PDP)

The Professional Diploma Programs at Cambodia University of Technology and Science (CamTech) is designed for career focused, accomplished an associate degree or the equivalent. Students enrolled in the Professional Diploma will elevate their focus-expertise to a professional level and learn critical skills in entrepreneurship, freelancing work, and other business-related skills. PDP provides a pass way to full bachelor’s program after students complete the program and fulfill the requirements for chosen major. 

Students enrolled in this program will identify a focus area that complements their major area studies and supports the development of their professional goals. This program gives students the opportunity to deepen and expand their readiness to enter and be leaders within an ever-changing specialties by broadening their skill sets and access to a variety of techniques ready for work. Their coursework will prepare them to engage in repertoire planning that demands more diversity in programming, addressing current needs and gaps in the professional world. The program includes a career-focused seminar, core coursework and student-selected job placement-learning, in addition to private lessons, large ensembles, electives courses.


Credit Hour


Campus Learning

Job Placement

Professional Diploma


6 terms

2 days per week

3 days per week

Currently, the Diploma Programs in Professional Software Engineering are offering 6 majors as below:

  1. Artificial Intelligence Technology
  2. Augmented Reality/ Virtual Reality Application Development
  3. Game Development
  4. Mobile Application Development
  5. Web Development
  6. Cyber Security