SKIMA Conference 2022

In collaboration with over 20 local and international partners, CamTech organised the 14th International Conference on Software, Knowledge, Information, Management & Applications (SKIMA 2022). It is worth noting that an EU-Asia project, ‘East-West,’ stimulated this conference in 2004. 


Since then, the SKIMA network has organised this conference in Asia, Europe, and Africa. The countries where we organised SKIMA include China, Thailand, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives, Italy, Morrocco and Sri Lanka. The next conference, SKIMA 2023, the venue will be in Malaysia. 


SKIMA network had many large EU network/exchange projects with over 30 universities in 23 countries from Asia, EU and Africa. So SKIMA family is growing–by developing the talents of these countries. 


SKIMA has added two new themes this year: a special session on International Collaboration and an International Workshop on University and Digital Sustainability focusing on SDGs. In addition, the SKIMA family is honoured to have speakers like Prof Jeffrey Sachs, President SDSN (UN) and HE Prof Chhem K Rethy Miniter attached to the Prime Minister and State Secretary, Cambodia.


SKIMA mainly focuses on new software and information technologies. We had some excellent keynote speakers who voluntarily delivered speeches on new technology areas, including AI, big data, immersive technology, digital health and smart agriculture areas. 


After at least a double-blind review, we consider 60 papers for the conference for SKIMA 22. Of 60, Cambodia had 14 accepted papers, to which CamTech Contributed eight research papers.