Industry Linkage

The University-Industry Linkage (UIL) in CamTech was established with the aim to enhance knowledge and technology transfer for students by exposing them to the real-world industries.  Besides, the linkage is designated to build and improve the capabilities of the professors, lecturers and staff on working with the current business challenges. In addition, the intention of the office is to ensure the quality of education and curriculum meet the industrial standards. Furthermore, the goal of the UIL is to develop entrepreneurship mindsets for the students.


To become an ideal hub for improving Cambodia’s quality of education and boosting graduate employability and workability, and a place for the birth of tech start-ups and companies.


    • Build new networks and collaborations with local and international companies and organizations
    • Maintain good relationships with existing industry/firm partners
    • Attract start-ups or companies to locate their bases within the university campus
    • Enhance student knowledge with practical learning by doing internships at the industry partners, on campus start-up and virtual companies.
    • Seek for funds from the government or non-gov institutions for the U-I R&D projects
    • Conduct outreach activities to promote the advantages of U-I collaboration to the industries and stakeholders.
    • Be ready to assist with companies and provide human resources for developing/building/research according to the industrial needs.
    • Create and lead students to build on-campus virtual companies
    • Develop entrepreneurship mindset for the students


Dr. Sophea Prum
Vice Dean of Engineering and Business Development Officer
+855 76 333 0503

F.A.Q about Industry Linkage

How does Industry Benefit from Partnership with CamTech University?

    • Access to graduates with professional skills and high working ethics
    • Access to knowledgeable faculty from the university
    • Increasing the activities and quality of companies’ R&D programs.
    • Solution to specific problems and professional expertise, not usually found in an individual firm
    • Access to university facilities, not available in the company
    • Assistance with continuous education and training
    • Obtaining standing and enhancing the company’s image
  • How do Students Benefit from Uni-Industry Partnership?
    • Ensuring students’ employability and workability when they graduate
    • Improving the curriculum and ensuring the quality of education can meet the industrial standards
    • Ensuring professors, lecturers and researchers have chances to work on intellectually challenging research and development programs.
    • Students have the opportunities to expose themselves to the real world industries and research
    • Developing entrepreneurship mindset for the students
  • How does Uni-Industry Partnership contribute to Socio-economic Development?
    • Having chances to use innovative products and technologies developed and researched by the U-I collaboration
    • Decreasing unemployment rate
    • The built products or technology can improve many aspects of public services
    • Enhancing quality of education and boosting economy
    • Addressing complex social and environmental challenges