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SKIMA Conference

The conference aims to bring together researchers and experts in Knowledge Management, Software Engineering, and Information Systems to share their ideas, experiences, and insights. We welcome researchers and practitioners from academia, industries, research institutions, R&D enterprise services and governmental organizations to exchange innovative contributions around the conference topics. This conference series was started in an international collaboration context between research professionals in Western and Asian countries in Chiang Mai, Thailand 2006. Subsequently, the next SKIMA conferences were organized in Kathmandu, Nepal in 2008; Fez, Morocco in 2009; Paro, Bhutan in 2010; Benevento, Italy in 2011, Chengdu, China in 2012, Chiang Mai Thailand in 2013, Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2014, Kathmandu Nepal in 2015, Chengdu China 2016, Colombo Sri Lanka in 2017, Phnom Penh, Cambodia in 2018 and Maldives 2019.
The workshop aims to promote the concept of Digital Sustainability, which is defined as the effort to develop and apply intelligent technologies to achieve sustainable economic growth in the context of the United Nations (UNs) SDGs. It will be a day-long workshop with the heads of national and international higher education institutions (HEIs) to share experiences about the potential and challenges of the digital transformation for institutional digital services (finance, HR, library, sports, learning management systems, etc.), e-learning, blended learning, m-learning, VR/game-based learning, etc. The workshop’s topic includes transforming cross-faculty research and innovation using new digital technologies, particularly data science and AI. It also aims to bring a new dimension to the universities to work with UNs SDG team, government agencies and policy makers to build a digital framework for a sustainable socio-economic grow.

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