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Open House

On September 2, 2023, CamTech had its Open House event where 250 high school and freshly graduated students were welcomed to our stunning campus. The purpose of this event was to provide them with an opportunity to learn more about STEM education and get a glimpse into student life at the university.
During the event, Mr. Thul Rithy, founder of Smallworld and three of our students, Ms. Rith Sovandalin, Mr. Yim Akthichetha, and Ms. Ou Ketsovaddey shared their personal learning experiences and the incredible journey of becoming founders of their own startups while actively participating in various social activities and student exchange programs to different countries. Their stories served as an inspiration to the visiting students, encouraging them to pursue their own aspirations and dreams.
Furthermore, all the visiting students had the chance to explore innovative projects, showcasing the impressive and groundbreaking work done by our students. It was a platform for them to witness the brilliance and creativity within the CamTech community.
Adding to the excitement of the day, visiting students have also enjoyed musical performances, Cambodian martial art (kun khmer), and Taekwondo performed by our students. At CamTech, we believe in fostering not only high-quality education in science and technology but also promoting sports, well-being, and a balanced lifestyle.
Overall, the CamTech Open House was a memorable event where students got a taste of our vibrant and multidimensional academic environment. It was a celebration of knowledge, talent, and the limitless possibilities that await those who embrace the world of science, technology, and personal growth.
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