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Mr Kang Leng
Mr. Kang Leng​


Mr Kang Leng



Cambodian born Kang Leng, CEO of ISI GROUP, spent a decade gaining international exposure, experience and education in Singapore and Australia. Leng first studied Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Marketing) and went on to complete a Master of Commerce (in Organizational Management) both at the University of New South Wales. Afterwards he worked as a Capital Gain Tax Accountant in States Street, Sydney, for two years.

Returned to Cambodia in 2009 with a passion for entrepreneurship that creates positive impacts and contributions to society, Leng first joined ISI GROUP as an assistant to the Founder. He became Managing Director of ISI STEEL, the founding company of ISI GROUP, in 2011 after having successfully transformed various functions such as the Operations, Accounting & Finance, Procurement, Sales and Marketing. He then became CEO of ISI GROUP in 2017, where he sits today.

Under Leng’s leadership, ISI GROUP has transformed from a small, family-run business into a successful and respectable mid-size corporation with world-class corporate governance, clear organizational structure and world-class ERP System. Leng has lead ISI GROUP into a number of related diversifications such a pre-engineering steel building fabrication, property development, residential, offices and resort developments to capture the opportunities in the growing economy of Cambodia. He is dedicated to creating change and maximising impact through the works of ISI GROUP and related CSR programs.