Interior Design Program Overview

Interior Design Program Overview

Program Overview

Interior Design at CamTech University focuses on the creation of innovative and exciting lively interior spaces through the adaptation and spatial arrangement of the buildings. The program is designed to equip students with an in-depth understanding of interior space, the relationship between the exterior and interior environment, the use of materials and their techniques for sustainability, and the practical skills and theoretical knowledge required to pursue a career in interior architecture and other related fields. Digital technologies such as augmented and virtual reality (AR & VR) will be utilized to make interior spaces more intuitive in the real world before they are constructed. We empower students to use new digital architecture technology such as AI, data analysis, 3D modeling for design, virtual reality, and so on to enable optimal design, sustainable architecture, energy efficient safe environment, and time-saving. CamTech offers a work-integrated learning experience to ensure students’ employability, entrepreneurial and leadership skills.

Program Structure

The 4-year Bachelor’s Degree program contains 156 credits combining from 106 credits of coursework, 48 credits of internship and 2 credits of Industrial Placement Report. The courses are divided into three categories, including Common Courses, Specialized Courses, and Elective Courses.

Common courses 

ENG101: Core English

ENG102: Core English

ENG103: Academic Writing Skills 

RES101: Research Methods

PRO101: Computer Fundamentals

CHN101: Chinese

CHN102: Chinese

STA101: Statistics and Probability

SDE101: Social and Digital Entrepreneurship

PHI101: Philosophy and Anthropology of Technology  

KHM101: Khmer Studies and Introduction to History


9 internships (3 internships per term)

Specialised courses

ADS 101: Design Studio 01

ADS 102: Design Studio 02

ADS 103: Design Studio 03 

ADS 204: Design Studio 04 

ADS 205: Design Studio 05 

ADS 206: Design Studio 06 

ADS 307: Design Studio 07

ADS 308: Design Studio 08 

ADS 309: Design Studio 09 

ARC 201: Building Structures 

ARC 202: Architecture & Interior Architecture Theory 

ARC 203: Building Science Fundamentals (+ Design for Sustainability) 

ARC 204: Design Communication and Visualization 

ARC 205: Building Construction 

ARC 206:​​ Khmer Architecture 

ARC 307: Building Services 

ARC 308: Interior Architecture 

ARC 309: Regulation & Professional Ethics 

ARC 310: Project Management (+Bill of Quantity)

ARC 311: Cities and the Built Environment Design

ARC 312: Landscape Planning & Design   

Elective courses

HUM101: Introduction to Humanities

GLO101: Global Studies 

ENV101: Environment and Geography 

PRO102: Object-Oriented Programming 

MAT101: Applied Math

ATR101: Fine Arts 

ARC101: Computer-Aided Design

PHY101: Physics

RES101: Research Methods

COM101: Computer Fundamentals

(other 6 elective courses from other faculties)

Job Prospects

  • Architect/Architectural Designer
  • Landscape Designer/Green Architect
  • Architectural Entrepreneur/Freelancer
  • Architecture and Interior Consultant
  • Researcher in Architectural Praxis
  • Architectural Technologist
  • Interior and Spatial Designer
  • Furniture/Textile Designer
  • Governor officer
  • Others