Center for Social Innovation​

Center for Social Innovation​

Center for Social Innovation

CamTech’s Center for Social Innovation promotes innovative solutions to address the challenges related to the Sustainable Development Goals and carries out activities that bring about “Society 5.0”, which is sustainable, circular, and people-centered.

Globally, digital transformation and rapid economic development have hugely influenced people’s daily lives, but they also put social healthiness at a critical tipping point. The growing mental health crisis and increasing plastic waste concern are a few examples of social problems we have faced. And it is almost certain that the crises will be even more severe over the next few decades, undermining the universal goals for sustainability.

To contribute to solving such challenges, CamTech’s Center for Social Innovation conducts research related to social innovation, participates in building a social economy ecosystem, and carries out activities that encourage an innovative and entrepreneurial way of thinking to achieve social impact and drive a positive societal transformation that will benefit everyone. We work with people and organizations, especially marginalized individuals, non-profit institutions, and social enterprises. We also support new models of doing business, new solutions, and new enterprises that contribute to Society 5.0. Our current activities include

  • Nurture and grow startups and virtual businesses that promote sustainability and social economy
  • Manage industrial placement
  • Provide co-working space and resources
  • Link CamTech to industries, academia, and government to build an ecosystem
  • Incubate (social) enterprises


Dr. CHEA Vatana
Vice President (Research and Innovation)
Phone: +85512699633 

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