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CamTech University signed for a Knowledge Transfer Project with 
Drone Khmer Technology Co. Ltd 

A New Milestone of University-Industry Collaboration at Cambodia

On the 22nd of October 2021, CamTech University and Drone Khmer Technology (DKT) Co. Ltd signed an MoU to launch a new knowledge transfer project for drone technology. This is, so far, the first university-industry knowledge transfer project in Cambodia. The project aims to develop a digitally transformed AI-Powered business management and decision support system to enhance efficiency, increase productivity, and reduce the operational cost of DKT, and thus in turn, rural farmers for drone technology. This MoU shall include data collection, data analysis for decision making, training to the customers/stakeholders, replacement/repair/maintenance of drones, and helping to enhance capabilities across all business functions. With a target for a 3-year project, DKT shall provide funds, donate a drone for the CamTech University lab and offer training to the students. Professor Alamgir Hossain (Vice President and Professor of AI) will lead this project under his AI-Powered Village lab at CamTech University. Both CamTech and DKT are proud of this collaboration and are expected to extend such collaboration with other universities for multi-disciplinary applied research, innovation and knowledge transfer activities.

Some pictures from the event.

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