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CamTech University organize a workshop at Chea Sim Prek Anhchanh High School

CamTech University would like to say thank you to Chea Sim Prek Anhchanh High School’s principal and teachers for facilitating at the workshop titled “University Major Selection Consultation and Career Orientation for the Future” which was conducted at Chea Sim Prek Anhchanh High School (New Generation School) on August 04th, 2023. The workshop was attended by grade 12 students and aimed to raise awareness about the importance of adequately preparing for their final year of high school and selecting suitable university majors, particularly in the STEM field, that align with current and future market demands. Additionally, it focused on student preparation for higher education. Furthermore, Leak Chanmolika, a CamTech student majoring in Software Engineering, had the opportunity to share her learning experiences and showcase various extracurricular and internship projects to provide practical insights into academic subjects. Admission now open:

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