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CamTech Going Green

On the morning of April 23, 2022, in collaboration with the KMH Foundation’s “One Million Trees” project and supported by the ISI Group, CamTech University organized a tree planting event called “CamTech Going Green” on the campus of CamTech University. The event has three main objectives: (1) to contribute to the protection of the natural environment as well as to reduce global climate change, (2) to cultivate the spirit of caring for the natural environment, and (3) to create green beauty in the community.
Participating in this event includes top management, faculty, staff, and students, management and staff of KHM Foundation, as well as senior representatives of the ISI Group.
A total of 700 trees were planted on the campus in this event.
CamTech University Supports that it is a good idea to have “Going
Green” in the community. Let’s plant a tree together

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