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Professional Development: Writing for Publication

CamTech cares about professional development of our faculty members and staff and thus provides regular training sessions. On Saturday 11th December 2021, CamTech had great honor that Prof. Heidi Dahles of Griffith University and University Tasmania gave us a talk on “Writing for Publication”. For young researchers, it is necessary to understand what should be done in order to get their research papers published, especially in high impact journals. There were some key messages that the presentation conveyed. First, a good researcher must be also a good reader. Reading will provide researchers with ideas to write about. Second, your research should contribute to the existing knowledge, and thus it should propose to fill a gap or gaps in the literature. Third, a good researcher is also a good collaborator. Research is a tiring job and time consuming, so a researcher should find a partner or partners to share responsibility. Another benefit from collaboration is the contribution from experts from different fields, which are very beneficial for producing a well-rounded research work for publication. These three messages aforementioned are only examples of good practices for writing for publication, while in fact, there are many other factors to consider when one takes up a research project and aim to write for publication. Learning from peers and one’s own experience is vitally important for personal growth in any areas, including research and writing for publication.

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