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Parent Consultative Conference

On the morning of June 11th, 2022 CamTech University held a Parent Consultative Conference. The purpose of the conference was to provide a chance for CamTech to connect with students’ parents/ guardiancies, for parents/guardians to know more about CamTech curriculum framework and about learning at CamTech as well as to present CamTech’s study roadmap. In this event, parents/ guardiennes also visited creative and technology-related projects conducted by our CamTech students. In addition to this, a filial gratitude ceremony was also put into the agenda to allow the students to pay gratitude to their parents/guardians and to express the love for their parents/guardians. CamTech had the pleasure to celebrate this event, which was to further raise awareness of learning at university and to encourage parents/guardians to support their children to achieve their goals and success in the future. Also, CamTech would like to express gratitude for the precious presence of parents/guardians and the students in attending this event.

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