Tineke Water​

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Visiting Faculty

Dr. Tineke Water
Dr. Tineke Water​

Visiting Professor of Public Health

Associate Professor Tineke Water is the Director of Research at the University of Puthisastra, Phnom Penh. She holds a Ph.D. (child health) from AUT University, New Zealand, and a MA in Development Studies (with a focus on Global Health) from the University of Auckland, New Zealand. For the last 25 years, she has worked as a health professional, lecturer, and researcher in child/youth and maternal health, public health, and humanitarian environments.

Dr. Water is the current chair of the Academic Board at UP with a strong interest in curriculum development for health professional programs that are underpinned by evidence-based learning and teaching and promote evidence-informed (clinical) practice for sound health professional knowledge and decision-making. Her research focuses primarily on using qualitative, participatory approaches to undertake research with vulnerable communities. Her current research includes a PACT/USAID-funded study for mentorship programs to support women in research (particularly in academic organizations) and youth-led research to increase civic engagement and influence policy/decision makers through design thinking and innovative/creative platforms; youth-led participatory research on youth mental health in Cambodia; a funded qualitative evaluation of a human trafficking program and the impact on recovery and people’s lives; and working with partners in the UK, Uganda, and SEA on a One Health approach to managing current and future disease outbreaks.

Dr. Water continues to work with policy think tanks such as Future Forum and Protopolicy SEA to support emerging young researchers. She has a strong background in research ethics and has contributed to publications on ethical research with children and youth which has been used by organizations such as ERIC – Ethical Research Involving Children (Child and Youth Centre Australia and UNICEF research office – Innocenti) and well as developing an IRB for UP. She continues to supervise international Ph.D. students undertaking participatory research around HIV; reproductive health; health literacy and refugee youth; and children’s involvement in health service planning/evaluation.  She is the Managing Editor for the new Journal of Cambodian Health; Director of Hub for One Health; and Co-Director of the Centre for Child and Youth Health (New Zealand).