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Message from President of CamTech

One of the video series of “Message from President” In this video, Dr. Sothy Khieng, president of CamTech, highlighted how important STEM education is for the future of Cambodia and its people. STEM, an acronym that refers to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, mainly is a field of study and a career path related to industry 4.0, digitalization, and the use of information technology. From his extensive experience across the globe from the USA, Europe, and Asia, Dr. Sothy Khieng concluded that to maintain a prosperous future for Cambodia and its economic growth, Cambodia’s younger generation needs to shift from low-skill careers to technology-oriented careers, in short, STEM careers. A publication in 2016 by Saint Blanquat & Associates, Co., Ltd. funded by the British Embassy in Phnom Penh lists the top 20 careers in Cambodia over the next 10 years, which include production line supervisors, automation technicians, architects, civil engineers, construction site supervisors, health and safety engineers, construction project managers, water supply experts, water sanitation experts, quality assurance specialists, chemists, public health analysts, doctors (general practitioners), medical laboratory technicians, psychologists, economists, actuaries, financial analysts, mechanics, network analysts, and software programmers.

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