J7 Heritage Science Lab

J7 Heritage Science Lab

J7 Heritage Science Lab (J7 Lab)

J7 Heritage Science Lab (J7 Lab) was founded to promotes cross-disciplinary research that encompasses interpretation, conservation and preservation of cultural heritage aspects through the integration of natural science, social sciences and the humanities. The vision and mission of J7 Lab is not only to conduct research related to heritage and archaeological science but also to act as a platform for scientific collaboration to protect Cambodian cultural heritage in general, that of King Jayavarman the Seventh in particular. In other words, J7 Lab intends to bring together a diversity of scientists in a combined effort to preserve and conserve Cambodian cultural heritage.


  1. To use scientific methods and technological tools to study and protect cultural heritage;
  2. To develop testing methods that minimize the destruction of historic artifacts;
  3. To collaborate with social scientists, humanities scholars and archaeologists;
  4. To generate scientific evidence to inform public policy on cultural heritage management;
  5. To foster public engagement with both science and cultural heritage.


  • Advancing public understanding of Heritage Science’s roles in the protection of Angkor;
  • Fostering cultural pride in youth, while inspiring them to pursue STEM careers;
  • Producing high quality scientific publications and to advance heritage science, both from the academic and policy perspectives.


X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF)
X-Ray Diffraction (XRD)
Trinocular Optical Polarizing Microscope
Magnetic Susceptibility Meter
Computed Tomography
Conventional Radiography
3D Imaging Lab
Survey Drone

J7 Lab is currently undertaking J7 Heritage Science Project with Professor. Dr. CHHEM Rethy, CamTech’s Permanent Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees, as the project leader.

Project Leader

  • Dr. Chhem Rethy, bio-archaeologist and historian

Project Member

  • Bun Kim Ngun, material scientist
  • Chhean Ratha, architect and conservation scientist
  • Ear Darith, archaeologist
  • Heng Meng Ho, soil engineer
  • Im Sokrithy, archaeologist and historian
  • Kaing Sainglong, remote sensing engineer
  • Khim Leang, bio-technologist
  • Kry Nallis, materia scientist
  • Ly Vanna, conservation scientist
  • Nguon Phan Pheakdey, computational architect
  • Phlong Piseth, archaeologist and ethnographer
  • Seng Sonetra, archaeologist and conservator
  • Sio Sreymean, geologist
  • Tan Bounsuy, soil scientist
  • Tieng Siteng, material scientist
  • Vin Laychour, archaeologist
  • Yos Phanny, material scientist