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Introduction to Humanities - ETHICS FOR ENGINEERING

Don’t Forget The Lives of Which You Are Responsible!


On Monday the 14th of March 2022, the students of CamTech University were given a captivating and essential seminar by Professor Rethy K. Chhem on the Ethics of Engineering and the disasters that may happen in the absence of said Ethics.

Showcasing various shocking engineering tragedies that have plagued us, the Professor explains the calamities as results of Engineering Failures caused by a lack of ethical understanding and practice.

Professor Rethy encourages the students of CamTech not to forget the application of Humanism and Morals in their creations, which will only inevitably make our designs more successful, and we ourselves, better people.

As the Professor had quoted in this special seminar

“The Strength of a Nation derives from the Integrity of the Home” -Confucius

We can only be great as a whole, if we, as well, are great as individuals.

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