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Green-based innovation at CamTech

“Green-based innovation at CamTech” is an event initiated by CamTech University in partnership with the KMH Foundation of the “One Million Trees” project and supported by ISI Group. The event will be held on the morning of July 9, 2022. This event is attended by leaders, professors, staff as well as students of CamTech University, and there will be two main activities: “tree planting” and “clean up activity”, which will be conducted on the CamTech campus. The purpose of this program is threefold: 1) to contribute to the protection of the environment as well as ameliorate global climate change, 2) to promote community awareness among residents around the CamTech community, and 3) to create a beautiful and green environment to contribute to a clean city endeavor.
“The clean city and a good environment, start from us”

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