Dr. Sothy Khieng

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Dr. Sothy Khieng


Dr. Khieng, founding President of Cambodia University of Technology and Science and advisor to the National Council of Science, Technology, and Innovation, is an accomplished scholar, educator, and higher education administrator.
Previously, he served as Vice President (Research and Administration) at Kirirom Institute of Technology and spent a decade at Cambodia’s leading research think tank, the Cambodia Development Resource Institute (CDRI).
At CDRI, Dr. Khieng co-founded and led the Education Unit, co-edited several books on Cambodian education and science and technology, and authored the book The Dawn of Social Enterprise in Cambodia, based on his doctoral research. His interdisciplinary research interests include post-secondary education, social entrepreneurship and innovation, and science and technology. Dr. Khieng has held research fellowships at Griffith University and the University of Melbourne (Australia), and the Swiss Federal university for Vocational Education and Training. He is a co-founder and President of the Comparative Education Society of Cambodia (CESCam) and serves on the boards of CESCam and Compare: A Journal of Comparative and International Education (UK).